Our services

Individual and Couple's therapy

We provide weekly short- and long-term therapy to individuals and couples. Multiple time per week therapy is also available if desired and/or deemed needed.

Supportive Therapy Groups

We offer the following weekly therapy groups:

  • Mondays
    Women’s group — a place for female identified folks to talk & think about life

  • Tuesdays
    Men’s group — male identified members to talk & think about life

  • Wednesdays
    Hearing Voices group — a safe and supportive space for people struggling with hearing voices, having visions, and other unusual and extreme experiences

    Off the Binary group — a place for human identified members to to about gender nonconformity in a a supportive space

  • Thursdays
    Coming Out group — A place for LGBTQI individuals to talk about the coming out process


Assessment services are available for individuals seeking personality and cognitive testing, as well as academic, vocational, and diagnostic assessment. We work in collaboration with clients, referring therapists, and other mental health professionals.